Glowing Skin Virtual Workshop 11th June 2021



This skincare workshop is for anyone that needs to take their skincare to the next level.

Brighten, hydrate and nourish your skin effectively!

Joyce Connor is an award professional winning makeup artist and skin therapist. She has 23 years of skincare knowledge and is a beauty expert. Joyce has helped women, men and teenagers find solutions for their skin issues.

The skincare, makeup workshops and masterclasses have been held for over 15 years and are now available online. Workshops are group sessions, they are for mixed ages.

If your skin lacking lustre and feeling dull, firstly this workshop will show you how to change that. Secondly, the glowing skin workshop is hands on, showing you how to use skincare products to achieve a brighter, glowing skin. Lastly it’s really a great fun way to learn about your skin!

All attendees will receive a sample pack in the mail, to use during the workshop. Please contact me before booking if you have any skin sensitivity issues.



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